5 Advantages Of Installing Aluminium Windows And Doors

by Admin on 08 March 2018

Are you planning on replacing your doors and windows as a part of your next home improvement project? We believe that aluminium is the best material for the job, as it is stylish and extremely strong. It has fast become a favourite material for use across the country for these reasons alone. There are also a number of advantages that any homeowner installing aluminium windows and doors will receive, including:

  • Better Functionality
    It almost goes without saying that aluminium doors and windows are highly durable and strong. They will keep their shape well into the future and will continue to operate smoothly for many years to come. If you live in a coastal or desert environment, however, you might find that the rollers need to be replaced every few years (as the friction can cause them to wear down). These are easy to obtain.
  • Colour Choices
    Because aluminium can be either powdercoated or anodised, there is a huge range of colours to choose from. This guarantees that you will find a perfect match for your home, as well as enabling you to match themes and décor with very little effort. And there is very little difference between the appeal of anodizing and powdercoating – no matter which you choose, you are sure to find the end result flawless.
  • Ease of Maintenance
    One of the best things about aluminium windows and doors is that you don’t need to complete as much upkeep or maintenance (like you do with timber frames). The frames won’t need to be painted and they won’t rust or warp. The little maintenance that you will need to complete includes an occasional wipe to remove any dust or dirt that has built up. Some homeowners also like to give them a spray with the hose.
  • Extreme Strength
    One of the main advantages associated with aluminium frames is that they are incredibly strong. Not only are they resistant to the elements, they are far less likely to warp and rust (unlike other metals, such as steel). They are capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and are, in fact, recommended for use in bushfire risk areas. It is also the perfect material for larger window and door openings.
  • Less Expensive
    Many homeowners find that aluminium frames represent exceptional value for money. They are actually far less expensive than timber frames (even when custom made) because they are incredibly easy to manufacture and the metal itself is quite affordable. If you need to complete your project on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice the beauty or durability of your home, this is the perfect solution.

As you can see, aluminium windows and doors are the perfect option for your home. They offer a number of advantages that are simply not available with other materials (especially timber) and will improve the appearance of your home tenfold. Just make sure that you have contacted a professional supplier to ensure that you are getting the best quality. We also recommend having the frames custom made for a perfect fit.

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