9 Tips For Maximising Small Walk In Robe Designs

by Admin on 08 March 2018

Whilst we would all love a walk in robe design that’s the size of a whole other bedroom, this is often impractical and would take space away from other important rooms in the home. Instead, many of us are often forced to make do with relatively small robes that aren’t big enough to swing a cat in. This is why we have shared 9 of our best tips for maximising space in these designs.

  1. Savvy Shelving Heights
    Instead of having all shelves the same height, why not arrange them according to what you’re storing? Group items that are of a similar height and store them on shelves that are just large enough to fit them. This will free up space for more shelving or items.
  2. Accessory Hooks
    A great way to store accessories (such as ties, belts and scarves) is by hanging them on hooks inside cupboard doors. These sorts of items will be kept out of the way, yet accessible. Another alternative is small metal rods, which can be used to accommodate more items.
  3. Divide Your Drawers
    You will be amazed at how much you can fit in your drawers if you simply divide them. As well as allowing you to cram more in, you’ll be able to easily see all of your socks, ties and underwear, allowing you to more easily select those perfect pieces for your outfit.
  4. Retractable Accessories
    Another great way to maximise small spaces is by installing retractable accessories. This will allow you to store things right in the back of the robe without worry that they’ll become lost – simply pull the rod out, select the item you want and slide the rest back.
  5. Utilise Blank Walls
    If you happen to have a blank wall in your walk in robe, use it to store your accessories. Tensioned cords are a great idea, as they don’t take up much space and will ensure that all your accessories are visible. You’re also freeing up space elsewhere.
  6. Shoe Carousels
    We all know that the corners are a tricky spot to utilise, as the cupboards always end up being quite deep. One great way to maximise these spots is with a shoe carousel. Simply spin the carousel around when deciding what shoes will best match your outfit.
  7. Utilise the Same Hangers
    One of the biggest problems with smaller robes is that they can tend to look messy. A great way to counteract this is by using uniform hangers – they will instantly make the robe look neater and less cluttered, even if most of the hanger is covered by clothing.
  8. Trouser Racks
    These operate on the same principle as retractable rods – they slide out so that you can see all your pants and slide back in when you’re done. By having fewer hangers you’ll have less clutter, and they also ensure that anything low hanging is easily accessible.
  9. Go all the Way to the Top
    Use the whole height of the room, from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. Many people use the uppermost shelves to store items that are rarely used, such as ski gear or costumes. You could also keep a footstool on hand to ensure easy access.

We hope that you have found some of the above tips useful in maximising your small walk in robe design. It’s important to keep in mind that there are all sorts of clever and creative storage solutions that you could utilise in your space – all you have to do is look for them. If you’re still having problems with your design, ensure that you contact an expert for advice and assistance.

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