Frequently asked questions about blinds in Melbourne

by Admin on 07 March 2018

For many homeowners, making the decision to install blinds in Melbourne often raises more questions than it answers. Some of these answers can be found in the advertising material of your interior designer or supplier, but others are a little more difficult to find. Whilst you should certainly not hesitate to speak with your chosen supplier, we have endeavored to answer as many of the most common questions regarding blinds as possible.

  1. “How long do blinds in Melbourne last?”Unfortunately, there is no specific time span for how long your window furnishings will last, as many factors will affect this (such as their size, how often they are raised and lowered, and whether they are fitted with a cord or rod). Generally, you can expect yours to last you around 5 years, providing that they are well cared for.
  2. “What does ‘custom made’ mean?”This means that the blinds are made from scratch to meet the exact measurements and specifications of your window. This ensures a perfect fit (down to the millimetre) and ensures that the furnishing is the ideal accompaniment for your home.
  3. “Are blinds child and pet safe?”One of the main concerns held by homeowners is whether their chosen window furnishings are safe for use around their children and pets. All products sold within Australia must comply with our laws and we offer a number of options to ensure that your family is kept safe at all times (including motorised and cordless designs).
  4. “How do I clean my blinds?”The best way to keep your window furnishings looking their best is to regularly clean them. Vacuuming on low suction with a soft brush attachment or dusting them with a clean microfiber cloth once a month is generally all the cleaning that is required.
  5. “I’m building – at what stage should I seek advice?”When building, you should see an interior designer or blind supplier as soon as possible to ensure that you have allowed adequate space for your chosen window furnishings. This is especially important if you are interested in a motorised option, as your electrician will need to install the cables before plastering can commence.
  6. “What style or design should I choose?”Unfortunately, every customer and every home is different. This makes it incredibly difficult for us to provide a blanket answer on the style or designs of blinds in Melbourne, as your supplier will offer a product to suit your budget, home décor, light and privacy requirements.
  7. “What are the main types of fabric available?”In most blind product categories, you will find that there are three types of fabric available – sheer, transparent and blockout. Sheer provides privacy during the day but it becomes see through at night. Transparent allows natural light to enter but does not allow people to see in or out. Blockout effectively blocks both light and prying eyes.

Whilst we hope that we have answered all of your most pressing questions regarding blinds Melbourne, we encourage you to speak with your supplier or interior designer should you require further clarification or more answers. To ensure that you have made the right choice for your home and family, it is of the utmost importance that you have sought expert opinions and advice. Making the wrong choice will have all sorts of negative effects on your home.

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