How To Find Your Ideal Office Desk

by Admin on 08 March 2018

Desks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles, which can make finding the right one for your needs seem a little challenging. This is, however, something that is important if you want to ensure that you’re working as productively as possible. In the list below, we have taken a closer look at some of the main things you should consider when choosing an office desk:

  • Ergonomics
    You should never ignore comfort and ergonomics when selecting a desk for yourself. Most are around 76cm high, which is fine for the average person but may not suit everyone. You need to ensure that you have enough legroom, that you can type at a comfortable height, that your chair fits underneath the surface and that the monitor is at eye level.
  • Shape
    There are pros and cons to every kind of layout – make sure you pick one that fits your work style and space. U-shaped desks let you stretch out whilst keeping everything in reach, whilst L-shaped ones offer the same benefits whilst requiring less space. A corner shape is great for space saving, whilst straight is the most common.
  • Storage & Work Surface
    Let’s face it – some office desks are not very functional. Consider what you like or dislike about your current furniture. Do you wish there were more drawers for your supplies? Or more surface space so you could have multiple monitors? These days, there are various features available that could improve your productivity and focus.
  • Construction & Quality
    When it comes to the actual material that the desk is made from, it largely comes down to a matter of style and personal preference, but there are also some practical considerations (ie choose metal for durability). To gauge the quality of a potential piece, look at the drawers – they should slide easily opened and closed, and be sturdy.
  • Style
    Last, but not least, we have style. A workspace that is pleasing to the eye can help you to be more productive, not to mention that the desk is usually the focal point of an office – it tends to be the first thing you see when you walk into the room, as it’s the largest item in the room. The style is a completely personal preference.

We hope that you’ve found the above points useful in finding the right office desk for your needs. We highly recommend sitting down and trying it out before making a purchase, as this is better than you discovering down the track that you haven’t actually made the right choice. Our final piece of advice is to ensure that you remain within your budget – it’s not worth going over it.

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