Promotional Coffee Cups – Reasons Why They’re A Great Marketing Tool

by Admin on 31 October 2022

Like any business, we’re sure that you’re looking for a unique promo item that will plant the seed – one that lets people get to know your business and what you stand for, whilst being something that will be used over and over again. Whilst many items do this, promotional cups in Melbourne are one that is often overlooked.

According to research conducted by McCrindle, three in four Australians (that’s 75%) enjoy at least one cup of coffee per day. Keeping statistics like this mind, the odds are in your favour that people will use your promotional coffee cup more than once a week, giving you even more impressions. Talk about return on your investment!

Still not convinced? Here are some of the top reasons why mugs are such a great marketing tool for any business:

  • Branding is bold
    When it comes to standing out, you want branding that speaks its mind loudly. The bold graphics and variety of sizes that promotional coffee cups traditionally come in ensure that they offer just the loudness you’re after. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box – consider a size that is out of the norm (such as a cute babycino glass) or a design that is unapologetic in the colours it proclaims. You’ll be sure to stand out in any cupboard.
  • Enjoy on the go
    Think about the sorts of customers that you’re trying to attract – what sort of lifestyle do they lead? Do they spend a lot of time at home or are they always out and about? This can actually play a role in the type of custom coffee cups you choose. People who are on the go like to take their hot beverages with them, so why not make this possible with a handy travel option? Insulated, these mugs are designed to keep liquids hot.
  • Everyone uses them
    Consider this – even non-coffee drinkers use promotional cups. Whether they prefer tea, hot chocolate or even soup, there’s always a use for them. Also consider that when your customers have company over, they’re likely to offer a hot beverage at some point. This provides even more opportunities to market your business. And, better yet, your customers are doing the marketing for you – that's dollars well spent!
  • Last a long time
    Promotional coffee cups don’t really wear out – one that you handed out 10 years ago may still be sitting in the recipient's cupboard, being used on the daily. As they’re such a useful item, mugs are likely to find themselves in a prime upfront position. And even if your customer doesn’t use it today, they may use them in a years time or 2 years time or maybe even 10 years down the track. Think of the future returns.
  • People love mugs
    There’s something inherently comforting about drinking a warm beverage. And when this beverage is served in custom coffee cups, what sorts of feelings do you think people will have about you? That’s right – the warm and fuzzy kind. Choose an attractive design for your mug and you’ll ensure that it’s kept in the front of the cupboard, ready to be used and getting more ‘face time’ with your target audience.
  • Room for creativity
    Marketing materials that offer a blank canvas let your mind roam freely when it comes to creating a marketing plan. What are you trying to achieve – more brand awareness? Remind your customers about you down the track? Give customers a thank you gift? Encourage customers to spread the word about you? The end goal of your marketing plan will give you the tools you need to market your custom coffee cups effectively.

At the end of the day, it’s important to think about your customers – both existing and potential – when choosing promotional cups in Melbourne. Think about your goal – whether it’s looking to stand out, reward loyal customers or something else entirely – as this will help to determine the sort of mug that best meets your needs.

Most importantly, be sure to have fun! This is your chance to stand out from your competitors, providing your customers with promotional coffee cups that they’re sure to use time and time again. Ensure that your proudly sits front and centre when someone opens their cupboard, and ensure that it keeps getting pulled out the morning after morning.

The team at Promotional Cups Melbourne is here to help you make the right selections for your brand – browse our extensive range today!

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