Small Kitchen Remodelling Ideas On A Budget

by Admin on 08 March 2018

Did you know that the average kitchen renovation tends to run somewhere between $20,000 and $50,000 (depending on how serious an overhaul you’re planning)? This figure is enough to give some people a heart attack, particularly if you have a smaller room that you weren’t expecting would cost so much to overhaul. Read on for our top small kitchen remodelling ideas:

  • Have a Grand Plan
    If your project involves more than simply painting the cabinets or replacing the countertops, we don’t recommend trying to cut costs by not hiring a professional designer. Hiring one will actually save you time and money in the long run, as they’ll help you to avoid making expensive errors and will have all sorts of contacts you can use.
  • Prepare Before Starting
    Once you’ve chosen a professional to work with and have started coming up with a plan for your renovation, it’s important that you decide on absolutely everything you want and ensure that it’s onsite before you even touch a sledgehammer. Making selections during works can actually cause your budget to spiral out of control.
  • Hidden Behind White
    One of the biggest expenses in any kitchen renovation is new cabinets. If yours are still in good shape, consider keeping them and just giving them a new look with a lick of paint. Bright white will actually do wonders for hiding outdated cabinet details, and it will save you money. Add some new hardware and they won’t look anything the same.
  • Hidden Behind Doors
    Another way to conceal outdated cabinets is by replacing the doors. If the structure is sound, you don’t have to toss the whole cabinet – simply find a door style you like, have some measurements taken and place your order. This will cost you a fraction of the price of new cabinets, as well as breathe some new life into something outdated.
  • Cut Corners (Literally)
    Whilst backsplashes are technically functional (in that they keep food and oils off the wall behind the stove), they’re also quite important in terms of style. Instead of carrying the backsplash around corners and doing the wall kitchen, finish it where the walls meet. This ensures that you only cover what’s important and can go budget in the areas around it.
  • Light It Up
    One of our favourite kitchen remodelling ideas, bringing in more and better lighting is a smart move in any renovation. Hang some amazing pendants for style and light, ensure that overhead lighting is bright and concentrated in work areas, and don’t forget about the details – under cabinet lighting won’t break the budget but will have a big impact.

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on the beautiful renovation you desire, and just because you’re working within a small budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice either. We hope that the above list of small kitchen remodelling ideas has given you plenty to think about and that you’re more eager than ever to get stuck into the project.

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