The Positive Environmental Impact of Recycling Scrap Metal

by Admin on 03 February 2022

If you’re anything like us, we’re sure that you’re familiar with the three R’s of recycling – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. When we think about recycling, however, the materials that generally spring to mind are things like plastic containers, old papers, soft drink cans, glass jars and carboard boxes. What many people don’t generally think of is that recycling scrap metal in Melbourne is actually a crucial part of the industry too.

Recycling scrap actually has a positive impact on the environment in a number of ways. In the list below, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the benefits Mother Nature will enjoy from recycling unwanted metals:

  • Better Management of Energy Consumption
    Recycling scrap metal in Melbourne lessens the demand for natural resources. A lot less energy is consumed when readily available materials are reused instead of raw ore being mined from the earth (which also involves purification and giving it shape). Although the energy conserved will depend on the kind of metal – aluminium is 92%, copper is 90% and steel is 56% - it’s definitely worth it.
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions
    On top of the fact that significantly less energy is consumed, recycling is also more efficient than extracting raw ore via traditional mining and refining. This is because mining poses a variety of environmental hazards – including toxic runoff and groundwater pollution. It can also leave physical scars on the surrounding landscape that can take hundreds of years to heal. The main benefit of recycling is that less greenhouse gases are released.
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
    One of the best things about metal is that its functionality and quality doesn’t change, even when it’s recycled over and over again. Mining destroys habitats and contributes to climate change, so recycling will help to prevent natural resources from being mined, which will protect Mother Nature for years to come. It’s not too late to begin reversing the damage that humans have been caused.
  • Avoid Overflowing Landfills
    Recycling scrap is actually a great way to reduce the amount of waste that finds its way into landfill. This will ensure that landfill sites don’t fill up too quickly, meaning that new sites don’t need to be created as often. Metal that finds its way into landfill can release chemicals that may pollute the air, land and nearby waterways. Whilst you may not think that this will make a big difference, it can actually mean big things for the environment.
  • Avoid Toxic Leaks
    Did you know that some metal waste can cause big problems if it’s not processed in the right way? If your laptop, for example, were to end up in landfill because it was improperly disposed of, chemicals from the lead battery could start to leak into the soil. When you think about how many people in the world own laptops and what could happen if even a quarter were to end up in this situation, it’s clear how bad this is.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that recycling scrap can help to preserve our environment for future generations. Whilst we need metal for almost everything in our lives, from construction to technology, it doesn’t mean it has to come at a cost to Mother Nature.

Recycling scrap metal in Melbourne doesn’t have to be a tedious task – why not contact the team at Highett Metal and make the process a whole lot easier and more efficient? Whether you have unwanted scrap from a renovation, you work in an industry that has a lot of offcuts to dispose of, or you enjoy doing your bit for the environment (plus make a little extra profit), we have the equipment and skills necessary to make it happen.


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